A short essay by former MBSR student-click here


Would you recommend to Colleagues? Why or why not?

Every staff member needs this.

Greatly improves well-being

Great experience for healers of all kinds

Helpful for all levels of experience

I have recommended it.

Yes, opens your mind a lot

Effectively reduces stress

Mindfulness is enormously beneficial for quieting the mind and centering

Effective method of stress reduction

It is fun and enlightening. Gives insight into themselves.

A very valuable skill

Very helpful in getting started

Useful techniques and support

It enhanced my life

Useful as a way to get to know myself and my goals and enjoy my life

The practice makes life better.

Improves clinical work and patience with family

Helpful in dealing with chronic pain patients

Quieting and centering is useful

Yes. I don’t think we’re aware of the madness we are caught up in.

Yes, although it will not appeal to everyone

Yes, but requires commitment, a space and devoted instructor

Great opportunity for introduction to mindfulness and has given tools to manage stress

Very helpful to reduce stress and find quiet within

Helps bring harmony to life


Did the class affect your personal well being? If so, how?


Fewer headaches.

Helps me recognize how little someone elses emotional difficulties might be caused by me

Improved interactions with others, more quiet in soul

Positively effected how I approach work and life

Less prone to overwhelming feelings of frustration

I liked having homework

Accountability and reported back

Totally increased my awareness of things going on affecting me each day

I can better respond rather than react

Being aware and present. I learned from each member of group

A real lifeline when my patient had the death of a child

Strong reinforcement for beingness as opposed to action

I catch my thoughts of worrying and obsessing

I can now let go of what I can’t control

I feel more wholesome. I feel more relaxed under stress.

I am more patient

I am more comfortable in my own body

I am aware when I am reactive and can control it because of this awareness

My interactions were better because of what I learned.

It gave me incentive to keep practicing

I enjoyed shared  time with colleagues

It helped me listen to myself and others more effectively

It was great to have “formal” mindfulness training. Appreciate the detail.

I can take better care of myself.

I have improved clarity

Problems now seem smaller and opportunities greater


Do you think the class will affect your enjoyment and performance at work?  How so?


Less worried about unchangeable things and others issues

Gave me fresh approach to working with challenges

I have increased ability to focus

More patience

Less likely to get frustrated over trivial situations

Less stress

Better able to recommend MBSR to patients.

I am more mindful in patient/staff interactions

I see more possibilities at work

Will keep me focused on why I work so hard and what motivates me. I am more              aware of what I enjoy.

I am sorting out which aspects of my job are most useful to me

It is easier to maintain balance in the midst of chaos. It increases focus.

It helped me be more mindful in interactions

I am less frustrated and work more effectively. I don’t let problems at work or home interfere with work

This class helped me know myself better, which is first step to change.

My overall wellbeing is improved

I better reframe problems.

I have increased availability and compassion for chronic users of system

I am less anxious and tolerant. I let go and let others be

I am more tolerant of having my pager on

I am so much more open to differences, to accepting that we all have different internal experience and perspective

I am able to give more at work and be more compassionate

I will be better able to deal with stress at work if I am able to return

I concentrate better and am less worried and upset. I have more focus and less internal chatter

It will allow me to better listen to patients.


Did class affect your life outside of work?  How so?


I appreciate many small miracles each day.

Able to separate and notice thoughts and emotions

I find common ground easier.

I am more patient

I am suggesting mindfulness practice to others

Greatly enhanced my awareness of every moment in daily life

I am more accepting and less defensive

Added discipline to my disorganization

I am more forgiving and patient, non-judgmental of patients and myself.

Improved overall well being

I am seeking “space” and mindful problem solving

It made me set aside time for myself

I made me see how reactive I am and not to identify with my reactions

Class made me refocus my existing practice

I appreciate the value of practice

I am less judgmental and more aware of triggers

Improved personal interactions, decreased stress and mindful eating

Helped with personal relations

I became much less likely to become flooded/overwhelmed in relationships

I can look at a distance at my negative feelings

I am more accepting

I deal with stress better


Other  general comments


The class was great

Sunday evening is convenient

I loved the all day retreat

Especially enjoyed the poetry and interactions with other students

MBSR has truly been a gift to me

Thoroughly enjoyed both instructors

Great opportunity

Hugely positive experience

Silent retreat is the best

A tremendous gift

I liked that it was not rushed

Outstanding experience

I hope you offer this again

Many of our work groups would like to participate in future.

Thank you for allowing me to attend and wake up in a new way

Loved the silent workshop

Very caring and committed instructors


We should have meditation center/chapel in med center

All day session enlightening and refreshing and totally new experience

I now have resources for calming myself immediately, wherever I happen to be

I let go more easily