Mindfulness Training Has Enriched the Lives of Thousands

 Mindfulness training can change the way you view your world.  You can discover your innate ability to deal with stressful situations effectively

Our Mindfulness series of participatory classes offers you the opportunity to

  • Improve your ability to handle difficult situations
  • Improve resiliency and shorten stress recovery time
  • Recognize bodily clues and sensations signifying stress

  • Develop new relationships to your thoughts and emotions
  • Consider strategies for difficult situations
  • Increase your capacity for compassion---for yourself and others
  • Be less judgmental of yourself and others

  • Improve your physical and mental well-being
  • Increase your enjoyment of routine activities
  • Help you manage and deal with chronic disease
  • Help you improve your attention and ability to listen
  • Allow you to manage your time more effectively

  • Help clarify your thoughts and improve decision-making
  • Calm your mind